New paper: effective selection in ancient asexuals

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No sex, no problem! Biologists from Goettingen and Lausanne analyse how loss of sex affects the genetic makeup of oribatid mites Sexual reproduction is linked to various benefits for the survival of a species. Amongst others, sex counters the accumulation of accidentally occurring deleterious mutations by allowing for exchange of genetic material. According to the […]

New affiliation – Schwander group Lausanne

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Upon completing my PhD in Goettingen, I recently moved to Switzerland to join the Schwander group. Exciting times. My new affiliation: Group Schwander – Evolution of reproductive and genetic systems Department of Ecology and Evolution University of Lausanne Le Biophore CH-1015 Lausanne Switzerland Office 3119 Phone: +41 (0)21 692 4162 Email: jbast [at] unil . […]

New paper: parallel speciation

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With some delay (due to the great chinese firewall): New paper out about the genomic landscape of early parallel speciation: Stick Insect Genomes Reveal Natural Selection’s Role in Parallel Speciation Got the cover picture and quite some media coverage (click details on altmetric batch to see).